[thesis prototyping] :: processing to PHP, attempt one

ok nerdzors, look out. Ira told me about a project that she made that took an analog input from processing and posted it to php (and then possibly a database, not sure). i wanted to try it out for myself, so i did some searching, and of course the processing guru Daniel Shiffman had a nice tutorial on at least getting to a php script.

the php script writes to a text file that you are calling from processing. The php script i am using in this first draft is the same as Shiffmans here. once you have that up and running with all the correct permissions set on the file (read+write), you can fire up processing.

I modified his example file so that the sketch loops and constantly checks the script (+ text file) online, and updates the sketch accordingly. I inadvertantly created a collaborative drawing tool. Potentially, an infinite number of computers/machines could connect to this file that are running this processing sketch, so jessica, nick and i had a collaborative drawing session at 2 in the am.

Because you are just calling to a script that’s online, you can actually view the script at any time in a browser, and watch the coordinates get written as you create and erase them.  it would be here: http://jmsaavedra.com/projects/processingToPHP/loadstrings.php?type=load

Here is my modified Processing sketch.

Here are some images of our late night drawing session — in the background you can see firefox showing all the coordinates that make up the drawing:

this started out as “OOPS”.. then became “BOOBS”… and then became this. Actually I think Jess did the whole thing ourself. But Nick and I watched.

next up, I will hook up the Arduino to Processing and turn LEDs on and off from around the world.