[thesis prototyping] :: material

i will write more on these when i have more time but i’ve made 2 material prototypes so far…

by this i mean, the cloth strapping mechanism that will hold the module to the user’s body.

design v0.1 is made out of white spandex, and has a flap/pocket mechanism to hold the module (housed currently in a plastic container i bought at the container store for $2.99… more on this soon).  this took me quite sometime and as you’ll see in the photos, would make a great post on failblog.org.

design v0.2 is a black plush material, that Ira helped me put together, i think in just about 30 minutes by hand.  Obviously, i could have done it in like 15 minutes, if i had the right equipment… which is at my parent’s house… so that’s why i asked her to help me. obviously.

thanks ira, clay, and nick for user testing, and the sexy smiles.