C3 Pilot Program

Wow, I have not posted in WAY too long.

I have done so much, and not documented it on here at all — but that will change! I’ll be putting stuff up more and more as i get it looking good.

To start, here’s a video of the DIY activity that I developed as part of the Collect, Construct, Change (C3) curriculum at the New York Hall of Science!


I’ll post up way more about this soon! Including… KIT INFORMATION!

[thesis prototyping] :: techmmmology

So my new concept is geo-locative sensor tracking with a modular pack. Basically you pick and choose what you want to track (ie carbon monoxide, dust, noise pollution, alcohol[?], light pollution, or methane gas), and this data is recorded. Then you transfer it to an online database, and can watch a personal log of your own data collection over time. Last step is to connect individuals to each other via the database, so you can see how your friend in Beijing experiences his/her journey from home to work every day, and relate on a new level.

The other idea is an educational tool for kids with asthma. Child reports, i always get headaches when visiting a certain neighborhood. After wearing the module, the child can make a connection between their immediate environment and it’s affect on their body. More carbon monoxide exposure on this street corner is causing you to have your headache. You were there at 2:15pm last wednesday.

Much much more on this later.

I began to start prototyping the technology. The first piece was GPS, because i am the least familiar with this of everything I will be working with.

I ordered LadyAda‘s (aka Limor Fried) GPS shield kit for the arduino. It took me about 45 minutes / hour (very easy) to put together (see images). The best part about this, was her shield is already designed to write to an SD card ! Which has been my plan all along (i’ve seen several arduino writing to SD card projects, so I thought it will be useful).

Now that I have this working, the next step is figure out how the sensors will be attached. I think for this round of prototyping, I will use USB ports. I actually purchased about 5 of these in China over the summer when I was there with school. I’m going to post pictures of the circuit i made on perfboard, and my first attempt at a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) version.

This weekend i attended a class at NYC Resistor, which was rad, i learned how to use EAGLE to design PCB files, which i would then send to a manufacturer who would print the green boards and send them to me. It’s expensive, and chris hennelly at school convinced me to use the laser cutter and make DIY PCBs. Check out the results, i will have new ones tomorrow…